Fractures SUITABLE FOR trauma and accidents

How can a fracture of the knee stop you from playing sports?

Fractures are very painful and prevent weight bearing. They may cause significant swelling and bruising. Some fractures can be very serious and require urgent attention. If you think you have fractured your knee it is best to seek urgent advice.

What causes a fracture of the knee?

Fractures are usually caused by a high-speed collision or a fall from a height. They can occur during sports or road traffic accidents.

What can you do to help yourself if you have fracture of the knee?

Keep the knee and leg still and try to splint it. Elevate and apply some ice. If you believe you have a fracture you should attend hospital by either calling an ambulance or attending accident and emergency.

What will happen if you just wait and see how it turns out with fracture of the knee?

It is not advisable to manage a fracture yourself.

Treatment options for a fracture of the knee?

Some fractures can be managed by splinting them until they heal. This may involve wearing a brace or plaster cast. Many, especially fractures that enter the joint, are best treated with surgery. This allows fixation and early movement to avoid the knee becoming stiff.

How I can help if you have a fracture of the knee?

If you have had a fracture I can talk to you about the pattern of fracture and the treatments options. I will be able to carry out surgery if required which will allow us to focus on your rehabilitation and get you back to the sports that you love.

If you would like my help please get in touch.